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Lou Shaoguang, vice mayor of Wenzhou, and his delegation visited Tianlong tennis Research Center

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   On the afternoon of March 1, Lou Shaoguang, vice mayor of Wenzhou, led a team to Tianlong tennis for field investigation. Xiang Guangfu, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, Zhang Zhihong, director of the Municipal Sports Bureau, Peng Feng, deputy director of Longwan District, accompanied the investigation.


   The research team went into the production workshop, visited the exhibition room of teloon brand products and other places, and learned about the resumption of work, production and operation of the enterprise. Chen Xu, chairman of the company, introduced the development course of Tianlong tennis for more than 30 years and the overall situation of production and operation in recent years. Last year, under the influence of repeated epidemics, rising raw material prices and national power and production restrictions, the company's foreign and domestic trade orders increased against the trend. At the same time, the company participated in many tennis events at home and abroad and successfully completed the ball and threading services of the 14th National Games and China Tennis Tour.


   In the exhibition room of teloon brand products, Chen Xu introduced the new product developed by Tianlong - Cricket racket to Vice Mayor Lou Shaoguang and his delegation. Chen Xu said that cricket is a popular sport in Britain and other European countries. Cricket is a comprehensive sport that exercises the coordination ability of hands and eyes and integrates upper limb movement control ability, skills and strength.


     Vice Mayor Lou Shaoguang affirmed the achievements of Tianlong tennis, and praised Tianlong's way of entertaining the employees staying in Wenzhou for the new year's Eve dinner, distributing "red envelopes for starting work" to all employees, providing free lunch for all employees every day, and organizing all employees to carry out nucleic acid testing.

    Vice Mayor Lou Shaoguang pointed out that Tianlong tennis has high brand influence and strong market competitive advantages in the industry. He hoped that enterprises would continue to carry forward their own brand advantages of teloon, strengthen technological innovation and product R & D, and actively expand the international and domestic markets.

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