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Beijing Tianlong tennis club made its debut in the "tennis every day" club team competition and won good results

release time:2022-09-06  Reading number: 11069


      On September 4, Beijing Tianlong tennis club participated in the "every day tennis" club team competition for the first time, and won the first place in group B of grade B. In the competition, the team members showed their spirit of unity, cooperation, indomitable competition and enterprising, and contributed a wonderful game to the first game of Beijing Tianlong tennis club.


       Beijing teloon Tianlong tennis club is composed of 12 players, including leading cadres of central ministries and commissions, entrepreneurs and tennis lovers. All of them have played for more than 10 years and regularly participate in training once a week. Everyone is here because of their love of tennis. The team members have become good teammates and friends to talk about and enjoy the happiness brought by tennis together.


      Beijing teloon Tianlong tennis club was established in August 2022. As a new force of Beijing folk amateur tennis, the club adheres to the concept of "club friends, communication and mutual promotion", carries forward the sports spirit of "persistence, entertainment, friendship and unity", uses tennis as a bridge to connect more amateur tennis clubs across the country for interactive exchanges, and builds a platform for tennis lovers to communicate competitively and show their charm.


      Tennis, with its profound cultural heritage and unique competitive charm, is deeply loved by people from all walks of life. In recent years, it has become an important part of people's healthy and civilized lifestyle. Beijing folk amateur tennis club is one of the important "strongholds" for tennis lovers.

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