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Tianlong Tennis Friends Competition was successfully held in Shanghai

release time:2022-10-18  Reading number: 1412

Tianlong Tennis Friends Competition was successfully held in Shanghai


The golden October, crisp autumn, is a good time to keep fit. On October 15, the "Tianlong Tennis Old Friends Competition" kicked off at Shanghai CUATA Zhongtian Tennis Court, launching the health tour of Tianlong Tennis Old Friends. Old friends from Tianlong 1988, Walker 2005, Xianxia 2018, Huazhong 1952 and other teams actively participated in a long lost exchange.


The old friends met again. After warm greetings, everyone immediately threw themselves into the competition. After a long absence from the court, we finally looked forward to the "Tianlong Tennis Friends Competition". Chen Xu, the chairman of Zhejiang Tianlong Tennis Co., Ltd., was invited to participate in this competition. Chen Xu was very excited to see his old friends who had been absent for a long time. At the same time, he enjoyed the time with his old friends very much.

Old friends get together because of tennis. During the epidemic, you can't go out. Some old friends can only play against the wall at home when they practice tennis skills. Now that the epidemic situation is stable and the competition is restarted, we all cherish this hard won opportunity to enjoy the health and happiness brought by playing tennis, and let our bodies gradually adapt to the coming cold environment.




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